How long does it take to get an appointment?


How long will the surgery take?
How long will I be in hospital for?
What do I need to take to hospital with me?
What is the recovery period?
What are the risks?
How much will it cost?
Are all my medical records kept private and confidential?
What do I need to bring to my consultation?

Generally appointments can be made within a 1-3 week period.

When you book your appointment we will send you a letter confiming the date and time. Enclosed with your letter will be a new patient form. Please fill this out and bring it to your appointment along with your GP referral and any Xrays you may have. Ben will need these for your consultation.

Heart Surgery approx. 3 hours. Lung surgery approx. 1- 3 hours.

The length of stay is different for every patient. The following is a guide only and it is recommended that you discuss your likely length of stay with Ben prior to your surgery.

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Click here for a guide of what to bring with you to hospital.

Major surgery takes 3 months minimum to recover fully but some people go back to light duties a little earlier. Minor lung surgery has a much quicker recovery time.

As with all surgeries there are some risks involved. Ben will explain all possible risks and any possible side effects in detail at the time of your consultation.

Medicare and Private health funds pay a variable amount of the recommended charges for cardiothoracic surgery. At the time of consultation you will be advised if there are any out of pocket expenses.

Employment contracts bind all staff to privacy and confidentially of all medical records.

Do I need to stop any medications prior to surgery?

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