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There are a number of medications that need to be stopped prior to surgery. In particular any blood thinning tablets or herbal medications. It is recommended that you discuss your specific medications with Dr Anderson at your pre-op appoinment or call the rooms to discuss. Ph 07 5598 0789

The following is a guide as to which medications need to be stopped prio to surgery:

  • Aspirin - stop 5 days prior, unless you have drug eluting stent or a stent in the last six months, then stop 2 days prior (check with Dr Anderson)

  • Clexane - stop 2 days prior

  • Fish Oil - stop as soon as surgery is advised

  • Ginger - stop as soon as surgery is advised

  • Ginseng or any herbal starting with the letter 'G' - stop as soon as surgery is advised.

  • Iscover - stop 5 days prior

  • Plavix - stop 5 days prior

  • Warfarin - stop 4 days, but if you're on it for a valve you need to come in 2 days prior to be heparinised (check with Dr Anderson)

  • Apixaban (Eliquis) - stop 3 days before

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